Advanced Forward-Looking
Safety Systems

For the first time, an international group of stakeholders including automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, and the German federal highway research institute BASt has formed a working group for Advanced Forward-Looking Safety Systems (vFSS). Chaired by the internationally active expert organization DEKRA, the goal of vFSS is to promote market introduction of accident prevention and mitigation technology in all vehicle model classes in order to improve traffic safety.
The focus of the working group is on forward-looking safety systems, which warn the driver of an impending accident, prompt him to take preventive action, support emergency braking, or even brake autonomously if the driver fails to react.
Accident data analyses have revealed a substantial potential of these systems to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities due to traffic accidents. However, up to now there has been a lack of objective, generally accepted testing procedures; for this reason, the vFSS aims to develop tests accepted by all stakeholders to quantify the benefits of forward-looking safety systems.